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Excellence in Environmental Consultancy, Monitoring and Services to the Mining Industry.


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Low cost telemetry system and web portal interface

An alliance with Boztek Solutions provides an economical solution for Carbon Based Environmental clients who require continuous environmental monitoring data. The teledata system allows NextG or satellite communication using IP data transfer to a web interface.

The Teledata system can connect to most monitoring devices such as TEOM, water sensors and weather stations by digital serial or analogue connection.

Data is sent to a dedicated web server where you can connect via the internet to view charts or download your data.

The Teledata system also provides SMS or email alarms, or requests for instantaneous data to be sent and received on your mobile phone.

The Teledata system can also act as a network device or Modbus slave to allow integration into other third party SCADA applications.

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Improving soil for mine rehabilitation

OGM is a pasteurised soil conditioner that contains nutrients and organic matter which have been recycled from the urban waste stream. OGM is produced using Global Renewables®

UR-3R Process™, where organic waste generated in the suburbs of Sydney is recycled into a safe and approved product that is environmentally beneficial and will dramatically improve soils and mine site rehabilitation land.

Carbon Based Environmental has exclusive distribution of OGM and can supply in bulk to mines in NSW.

Read more about OGM here.

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